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They say that 'pictures are worth a thousand words' but for us photographers, they are worth so much more.
Photographs freeze time. They hold memories.
For that they are worth hundreds of thousands of words, a lifetimes worth of words. This is why we started our Essensi Photography Studio. Our teams comes from various backgrounds, but all have the same love of putting smiles on people faces when they see the memories and expressions we have captured in our photographs.
From the moment you enter our photography studio, to leaving with your framed portrait (a few weeks later, I might add), we want you to be smiling and laughing and most importantly remembering all the memories we have helped create and capture. Between us we have many qualifications and with our different backgrounds and experiences we can bring a mix of ideas to each photoshoot we do and produce the best portraits that reflect exactly what our clients want and deserve.
Our main aim is to create unique and beautiful portraits that all our clients will adore. and if you don't believe us, come see for yourself.
Feel free to browse our website, check all the fantastic photography services we are offering read our blogs and contact us if you have any questions.
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