Training is always an amazing way to not only learn from other photographers; but also gain reassurance of your own methods that you use in the studio.

Myself and Megan were searching for a good, informative and fun course to teach us new poses and techniques to bring back to our studio, and who better to teach us than Elli Cassidy.

Elli Cassidy photographing 'head on hands' pose
Megan photographing 'overhead blanket side pose'

Elli is a self-taught Newborn and Maternity Photographer; she has presented her work at many different seminars across Europe and also works alongside The Click Group. We have recently joined The Click Group and this has allowed us to access multiple genres of Photography and the opportunity to attend courses of which we are able to develop our skills further as photographers.

We had the opportunity to travel down to Watford and meet Elli, as well as other photographers from around the UK; and share our knowledge of Newborn photography. Myself and Megan felt extremely comfortable around Elli and the rest of the group and we were able to ask questions as well as share our own knowledge amongst the other trainee's. Over the duration of the day we worked with Elli; photographing 3 different Newborns, of various ages in separate set-ups.

As shown below, image one is the first of the "Blanket Shots" as Elli called it. These specific poses are most suitable for very sleepy and content Newborns, under the age of 2 weeks.

Newborn Blanket side Photography
Blanket side pose

The image below is known as "Head on Hands".

Newborn Blanket Head on Hands Photography
Head on Hands

After working with specific lying down poses, using minimal props and changes of backgrounds. Elli then shows us how to work with roll-out back drops. If you have visited our studio before, you will know we already use different backdrops and we have just invested in some brand new patterned and floral designs. However, Elli shows us different lighting techniques for specific backdrops and the most effective ways to position the subject.

The Images below, presents Elli's choice of prop and colour scheme. This pose doesn't require the baby to be fast-asleep, however it is easier to capture if your Newborn is calm and settled. This pose also doesn't require the newborn to be under 2 weeks.

Newborn overhead bowl photography
Newborn overhead bowl

Elli gave us the opportunity to photograph the Newborns alongside her so we could see visually how she creates the image and also what her goal is with the final photograph.

Elli Cassidy photography 'overhead bowl' pose

After a well needed lunch break, where we were able to discuss amongst one another everything we had learnt so far and our individual work flow, we got straight back into the studio where we were introduced to the last Newborn of the day! Elli showed us how she approaches certain poses that are popular with parents and what you need to do to perfect the shot in the studio before editing the image.

Elli Cassidy photographing 'holding baby' pose
Elli Cassidy photographing 'holding feet' pose

Once we had captured our own images of the Newborns and we were happy with every shot we had taken, we were given the opportunity to speak to Elli about her personal marketing preferences and what she feels works best for her as a photographer. it was extremely interesting to listen to other photographers techniques and skills and seeing what works for them. Myself and Megan were able to share our knowledge of business but also take notes of what the other trainees had to say.

We were very honoured and appreciative to be taught by a great photographer like Elli Cassidy. Elli has really perfected her Newborn Photography trade and we are thankful she has shared some helpful tips with us. It was an exceptionally worthwhile day, learning new techniques as well as reaffirming our own creative abilities. We are looking forward to next week's training course with The Click Group's CEO, Charles Kaufman for fashion and boudoir.

But until then, have a fabulous day, and thank you for reading,