Recently we’ve had so many young models booked in for their first ever makeover model shoots and we are so excited to share will you all the results of our work!

Last week we had the lovely summer who was only eleven years old. She was greeted and welcomed into the studio changing room by Megan, our very own make-up artist and she then spent roughly 45 minutes doing her hair and make-up.

Megan always asks our clients what style of makeup they prefer, whether it’s more of a natural look they want or slightly more dramatic. In this case she went for the natural look but a with an oomph of the bright lipstick and she looked fab!

Summer was so excited about her shoot she brought lots of outfit changes, from gym wear to more casual outfits and dresses.

Once Megan had finished, I then took over and shot a variety of different images in each outfit change, used different lighting gels and backdrops. It’s always fun adding colour into the photoshoots and an extra light.

Here are some of the edited images..

Thanks for reading guys!

Rach x