Essensi has been given many great opportunities in the past few months. And our recent amazing opportunity took three of us up to Newcastle upon Tyne to meet the most amazingly passionate photographer, Joe Laws. He is most known for his incredible Enchanted portraits and we had the pleasure of learning his ways to capture the perfect fairy princesses.

When we arrived, we were expecting to walk into a regular photography studio, not a magical fairy forest and it was beautiful. The guardian of the forest being Lullabelle, a mystical forest fairy who is the only fairy we can see with the naked eye. This being a laser pointer but don’t tell anyone else that 😉Joe’s set up was incredible, he picks up fallen leaves and sand wood for a more real setting. He also has included a water feature to add another sensory level to the scene. The children absolutely love the magic he has created and fully believe in it. This is what makes the images so exquisite. The pure joy and happiness on the children’s faces and in their eyes.  

Joe Laws is an exceptional photographer, and this is shown in the way he has been able to capture such perfect images without any post-production. His images are almost exactly where they need to be before even uploading them onto a computer. The lighting is perfect and all he must do is add his pre-set filter and a few fairy additions to make the images even more magical. This is something we have taken on board with our own work for all shoots we do.

If you or anyone you know maybe interested in a photoshoot like this, please contact us as we have the opportunity to hire an Enchanted set up for short periods of time.