Moving. Is. A. Lot. Of. Work.


Moving studios, like moving house, is hard. We have had themove of the decade with this one. From operating in a three-story town house inthe middle of St Anne’s since the founding of Essensi and then beyond for those who remember when it was Venture Studios. We had outgrown that studio, not to mention those stairs were a killer! We started moving a month before we could move in to our new premise to help with the work load. As the business has been there well over 10 years, nothing had really changed or been looked at for a while. Meaning there was loads of junk that needed to be gone. If you’d come into our studio in the last couple of days, you will have seen how bare everything had become. We were still doing business up until the day we left. That last Saturday was a mental one, once finishing with the photoshoots we had in, we packed everything up and off we went to the new studio. We tried to make the moving time as little as possible so we could still provide a service for those who wanted a photoshoot. This being one weekend.

Our new studio is located on the bypass between Freckleton and Preston in a quaint little courtyard called Clifton Fields. For being inthe ‘sticks’ as it were, this property and location are perfect for us, as it is close to the motorway for our more distant clients.  If you haven’t seen our new studio, please come down and take a peek. The courtyard café is, you guessed it, across the courtyard! It has amazing food and drinks. And I cannot rate the carrot cake enough! And its gluten free, for all those celiacs out there.

Our neighbours being Gail’s son, Harry Carter, part owner of Carter-Zub Building Consultancy. These amazing people created what we are now working in. They designed and built our new studio, so we have them to thank for such an incredible studio.

Since moving in we have had so many people say how much better the studio is compared to the one on Park Road. The studio is so much bigger and more professional looking. The whole building looks purpose built for our business and is very homely and welcoming.

So, if you haven’t seen our brand spanking new studio, please come down and have a look, maybe even book in with us.