Recently we had a special guest join us in the studio with her lovely family. Shelly Oxley-Wood, who’s competed in two Paralympic games; Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. She’s won a total of three amazing medals doing both medium and long-distance races. Shelly began wheelchair racing at the age of 15 in a two-mile junior competition that was part of the London marathon.

It was a pleasure to have photographed such a lovely family,her two kids Leo and Alicia and their black Labrador Bowa. The kids had so much fun helping the photographers out with Bella and getting her to sit even though she wanted to be up and wandering about the studio. Dad helped with getting shots of the kids and mum with all her medals that she’d won.

Shelly loved the show images so much she ended up getting all of them on a digital USB pen, that way she can then get them printed whenever she decides.

These are just a few of her family shots…