Pregnancy is one of the greatest times a woman can go through, but a bump photoshoot is the last thing you are thinking about. We understand this but having a photoshoot of this very special time in your life can be a god send. It reminds you of how strong and beautiful women are.  Women have the ability to bring life into this world, which is a task and a half, and yet still look elegant and glowing. Bump to baby photoshoots include both the bump and the baby photoshoots in one package. We do strongly advise you use both shoots just to see how far you’ve come.

What to expect when you come for a bump shoot… your photographer will ask if you have any ideas for your images so get looking on Pinterest for inspiration. They will ask if you’ve had any thought about bare bump shots, this doesn’t have to be fully naked but please wear nice underwear. Not your comfies! Try thinking about some artistic style images, ones that go with the style and theme of your home. The ones that will look amazing as wall art or shelf pieces. The photographers will be there to offer some other image ideas and give you as much variety as possible. When coming to your photoshoot we suggest bringing some changes of clothes so we can get some more professional, formal images as well as the artistic style.

With bump photoshoots, attention to detail is key and the photographers will be there to make sure each shot is perfect. Hand swapping is a key example as when the photographer directs you to place one hand on topand one hand below bump, people often place the hand closest to the camera ontop and the hand towards the back, below. This can create an interesting focalpoint as the shadows and dramatic light, can make the fingers look like themale reproductive organ. Not really a desirable attribute for any bump photoshoot.

The connection between you and your bump is already so strong and your photographers will capture that in you images for you to treasure forever.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contactus on 01253 726801