Lytham Festival will always hold a special place in ourhearts. For one, its right down the road in the next town over from our studio.And two, Cuffe from Cuffe and Taylor is family. Our very own Gail Carter, ownerand creator of Essensi Photographer, daughter Lucy is married to Dan Cuffe.They have two beautiful children who you may have seen throughout our display pictures. 😉

We went to Lytham Festival for our competition of the mostliked picture, taken with our Essensi Photography picture frame, on Facebookwins a £500 Portrait and family photoshoot. This competition was so much fun tobe apart of, as we got to attend the festival and meet so many new people whowere just as excited for the concert as we were and even more excited to have apicture with us! 😉

From the turn out of 70,000 people who attended LythamFestival, we managed to have 321 enter our competition! Which we consider anexcellent amount since we could barely move once the artists started playing. Thesepictures were then uploaded to our Facebook page where people could tagthemselves and share their images, as the most liked image won!

We were so overwhelmed with the amount of people participatingthat we had to up the amount of people who won. And so, one winner became three!First prize was of course the photoshoot and £500 portrait. Second prize was aphotoshoot and a £200 portrait, and third prize was a photoshoot and £100portrait!  

The winners were announced on our Facebook page also and theyhave contacted us to book in! SUCCESS for both us and our winners!

Thank you to all who entered and participated in thiscompetition and keep your eyes peeled for so many more!

Until then, Thank you for reading!