Hi, I’m Gail and I am the very proud owner of Essensi Photography 📸 in Lytham St. Anne’s Lancashire.

I would like to share with you some of my special studio moments…………

I have the Best Job in the World and my passion for photography is why I love helping my customers make their decisions on something so special for their home they will treasure it always.

I have been in the photography industry for more than twenty years and I am more enthusiastic about beautiful Family Photography now than ever before. Possibly because I have cherished images of my children 👶👶 from when they were small to now when they have families of their own. You can never go back in time as we all know the years just fly by far too quickly. I will never regret having a record of them growing up, even though some images no longer take pride of place as more recent ones have replaced them, I cannot put a price on the pleasure each one, large or small, has given me over the years.

I have had fabulous family Photo Shoots to mark important milestones and anniversaries in my family life. Photographs are the key to bring back treasured memories without which would just fade away.

My family is the most important thing in my world and professional photographs have been and always will be a priority. Even when I couldn’t really afford them, I juggled and managed without something else. To some people photographs are just not worth the money and each to their own, but for people like me, they are priceless.

I feel so lucky to have captured lasting memories of my loved ones, my dear father sadly is no longer with us, but having a natural image catching relationships and his personality is beyond precious. Organising my family for this shoot was like trying to organise a military operation. My parents lived in North Wales at the time and were quite adamant that they didn’t want to be photographed “No you don't want me on your photographs, “Do I really have to come?” “What do you mean you want us all to wear shades of blue? I like green!”  I also had to arrange for my brother to be there too. What a headache, however, we managed it, and it was amazing we had a fabulous weekend and my Mother declared afterwards that she thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, the photographers were lovely and made her feel very relaxed and that she was so glad she had organised it and thanked us for being so accommodating??!! Don’t you just love it? I am forever grateful I had our Family Generation Shoot. It was well worth the effort.

“No, we are not getting another dog 🐶!!!” this was my plea ……… But guess what, I was overruled and I’m so glad. Having two puppies was a wonderful excuse to have another family Photo Shoot because of course, our animals are such an important part of our family.

Our Pet Shoot was ridiculous, literally, hundreds of customers have brought their dogs 🐕🐩into the studio for their Pet Portrait and they all seemed to have been well behaved, then our two arrived and wreaked havoc 🤣. It was so much fun though, and my animal loving photographers once again worked their magic and from a manic hour managed to get brilliant shots of everyone and absolutely stunning ones of the dogs.

I was then blessed with a gorgeous granddaughter 👼 and adore every image my wonderful photographers have taken of her.

Her Newborn Baby Shoot was amazing. I experienced the whole occasion as a customer. My photographers were so patient with my two week old granddaughter, they put Dad at ease (who really didn’t want to be photographed, but afterwards admitted that it really didn’t hurt and he actually enjoyed the shoot) and they positioned  Mum in the most flattering positions, I just knew she was going to love them.

My team insisted on treating me like a customer and wouldn't me see any of the images from the Baby Shoot until they had been edited and finally put together in a show ready for viewing. It is a stage of the process that happens behind the scenes. After every shoot many hours are spent perfecting every image, it is a highly skilled and often underestimated part of being a photographer. You aren’t aware of what they have done to your images you just see the effect of their professional expertise.

It’s difficult to put your finger on why you love all the images ……you just do.
Me and my Daughter

I showcase photoshoots every day and know exactly what to expect, I have done it for years and witnessed many euphoric moments as my customers see their images on the big screen, I really do have the best job in the world sharing such special moments.

It was then my turn to view my images...Oh, My Goodness I know why my clients are blown away at their viewing. When I saw the images of my beautiful daughter, proud son in law and new baby granddaughter, I literally couldn’t speak 😢. The emotion was overwhelming, I cried!! Of course, I knew they were going to be amazing but just like my customers I was dazzled and delighted with the pure beauty of the the images in front of me, they were all simply stunning. A celebration of life captured exquisitely for ever.

Image of a frame from my house with my Daughter & Son
Another image of me and my children on a printed frame that is on a wall in my living room

So yes, I am a big emotional softy and I am so privileged to share similar moments with other families.

Oh dear. Guess who forgot to book her own granddaughter in for her 1st birthday Cake Smash…. 🙈

Yes, Me !!!  I know I can never get that time back; I was in trouble !!!! so we did a Pancake Day Shoot which was messy magical and just marvellous. We had lots of props including her little pink mini kitchen, pancakes, flour, chocolate sauce,strawberries a little apron and chiefs’ hat. She loved it she literally forgot she was being photographed and just got stuck into making pancakes. We have done other shoots with children sitting in a bowl of spaghetti. I love anything unusual and it is great when customers are as excited as us to try something different. We always encourage customers to bring along as many personal props as they wish. They make your picture unique and give the photographers so much scope to show off their artistic flare.

My gorgeous granddaughter havin a great time at her Cake Smash shoot

Having been in trouble for missing my granddaughters first birthday, we made up for it on her 2nd birthday and had the best Cake Smash and Bubble Bath Shoot. Once again, she absolutely loved it, being that bit older she was very responsive to instructions, apart from when she had a strop and she decided she wasn’t playing, they don’t call it the terrible twos for nothing ! but the photographers soon distracted her and cajoled her back.  We brought more fabulous props, balloons,bunting, tiara tutu wellies (of course she can wear wellies with a tutu !!) and the Birthday Cake. Birthday madness and more memories made.

So that was my most recent photo shoot but GUESS WHAT my daughter is having another baby 🥰

YES YES YES we can do it all over again 😍

My Daughter with her Husband and my Granddaugther

I am so excited about more memories in the making and capturing them through the years.

Let our Essensi team capture your family and make unforgettable memories for you to treasure as I treasure mine. You will be in the best possible hands we will look after you every step of the way from your first phone call to you hanging your Family Portrait on your wall.

Happy Memory Making